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The isles of Mer are a collection of islands varying in size and terrain, a new land between the three continents. Travel between continents has been treacherous and hard up until the discovery of the islands, meer centuries ago in the center of the great sea.


The hub island is [[The City of Merin]], named after the group. The City of Merin is the original settled island and has developed itself as the capital; boasting rare trading opportunities, a diverse culture and great travel routes.


The Northern continent is a land of dwarfs and gnomes, the harsh landscapes lend themselves towards races of a hardy or ingenious nature.

The dwarves delve deep into the mountains to protect themselves from the harsh air outside. while gnomes have adapted to the tundra using magics to protect themselves from the cold.



To the East is a land of refined culture with a respect for nature, inhabited by elves and halflings.

The Elven culture upholds the laws of nature bound by true honour, and redemption through death. Halflings flit around the elves causing mischief where they go, refered to as kami the elves see them as a innocent race close to nature.


The western dominance is more tribal in nature, with a variety of cultures interacting constantly. Some tribes have settled into areas and begun developing their agriculture techniques, others send members away to bring back precious knowledge. But the predominant culture is that of the nomadic traders who have finely tuned the economic culture.

The west is home to many races but is predominantly human.


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