The City of Merin

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Merin was established by sailors and sea merchants, they brought their families and established a home in which they could travel and trade between the continents building up an absurd amount of wealth due to trading in exotic goods.

It is unknown why these people settled there when they did as the location of these isles was already recorded, but deemed unsafe to inhabit.


Merin is situated on an island with a large crescent bay, but as time went on the city expanded into the bay with buildings and structures built interconnected with bridges and floating on pontoons. Most citywide travel is done with small boats, with some taxi like services existing to serve the populous.


The nobility of Merin are the original descendents of the founders, the wealth and notoriety they brought the islands establishing their children a place within its government.


The criminal side of Merin is organised, different crime lords engage in different activities and take umbrage to a newcomer arriving and trying to commit a crime without permission.


Being an island nation, agriculture is not as developed as on the mainland. The diet is sustained by seafood and fishing boats, there are also excursions to various islands to forage for edible plants in addition to seaweed.

Buildings such as libraries and hospitals, are on the Merin mainland, to protect the literature from the humidity. Governmental buildings and the noble houses also occupy the mainland which is the most prime of real estate.

The City of Merin

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